Sunday, November 7, 2010

Installation done for 'The Big Draw' on 'White Night' in Brighton

CompArtment, [which is a group of artists running the spaces at The Open Market in Brighton] held an arts and music event for 'White Night' which I took part in by organizing a 'Big Draw' event with help from other MA illustration students. The atmosphere of the market was fantastic and we got a constant stream of people interacting and contributing to the installation. I was particularly pleased that the work took on a life of it's own and had a free creative atmosphere. The work was set up so that people could take card shapes from the wall and either construct with them, paint on them, project drawings via an overhead projector or draw on the the floor, which was covered with paper. There was a broad range of people who took part from toddlers to Halloween, party goers who came towards the end of the night.


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