Tuesday, March 25, 2014


TALKING UNDERWATER                                                    Artist: Gallit Shaltiel

Talking Underwater is a body of work originated from a project designed as part of Gallit’s Illustration MA, which aimed to explore complex feelings and commonalities of depression. Since then the work has continued to be influenced by psychology and taken on a life of it’s own with further symbols and motifs emerging to represent different states of mind.

Through dark humour, images delve into the realms of the subconscious exploring memories, dreams and fears. Taking the Carnivalesque notion of ‘upturning social order’, the work forms a mischievous world where uncanny anatomy and objects fragment and merge in to one another. Emotional struggles are suggested but space for thought is often left open through pairing down of information. Chance and imaginative space are integral to the work.

Short Biography

Gallit spent her childhood around auction halls and antique markets, living in houses with constantly changing objects, furnishings and locations. This, she believes influenced the surreal element of her work 
Gallit is a visual artist/ Illustrator and educator who is based in Brighton. She has travelled, lived and studied in many countries gathering inspiration from museums, cultural festivals and environments. 
Having completed an MA sequential Illustration and Design course at the University of Brighton, a couple of years ago, she achieved a Distinction for her body of work ‘Talking Underwater with a mouthful of Cement’ and debut animation ‘Flat’s’. 
Post MA she has exhibited in Brighton /London Group and Solo exhibitions. Her animation has been shown at Cornwall film festival, London Open Arts Café and has been selected for the Towner Open this summer.
Work time is split between working in Red Rooster Studios, teaching photography and art at a 6th form college, being a visiting tutor at Brighton University and running community workshops.